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SC Hammers finished on 2nd place in Metropolitan league 2019

After winning the first in history Metropolitan league 1st division SC Hammers went to the Major division of Metropolitan league in Illinois. First year in Major division SC Hammers finished on 2nd place showed great performance, played 16 matches, earned 32 points with 10 wins, 2 draws and 4 defeats. SC Hammers going on indoor season now and will be working hard to achieve a highest results in next Championship that starts this spring. GO Hammers!!!

We prepare little bit of history of Metropolitan league for our readers below.


Major Division Outdoors 2012- Schwaben 2013- Eagles 2014- Schwaben 2015- Hellenic AC 2016- Eagles 2017- Hellenic 2018-Eagles 2019- Hellenic AC

Metropolitan League have long history of interesting competitions. The League was founded in 1972 by Phil Riess in Illinois went trough different levels of completing processes.

The success of the league speaks for itself: in 1975 the Eagles joined, in 1978 Adria, in 1979 the Falcons, Croatia, Vikings and in 1981 the Amoco. For a short while, 1977-1979, the Wings also fielded an Old-timer Team. This year span also saw a list of special events organized by the League’s only President, Phil Riess. Almost regularly, the Old-timers Select play there Milwaukee counterparts. The record shows 3 wins, 1 tie and 1 loss for the Chicagoans. The Old-timers have also made strong efforts to flex there muscles internationally. Teams from Germany, TSV Friedberg (1978), FC West Karlsruhe (1978), TSV Muenchen 1860- Freizeitloewen (1979), FC Winterhausen (1981) and TSV Balzhausen (1981) experienced the hospitality of the Old-timers League.

For the statisticians let if be stated that on the soccer field the Chicago aggregation won 5, tied 1 and lost 1 game and still organizing WC Soccer Tours and other Tours. Those participating in the League’s two trips to Germany will never forget the wonderful time enjoyed by all. In 1975 our All Star Team played against SC Karlsruhe, Weiler Zum Stein, TSV Bernhausen, VFB Stuttgart, Westphalia All Stars, VFL Schlangen, and FC Winterhausen.

In 1977 the opponents were TSV Dorfen, TSV Friedberg, TSV Balzhausen, FC WetsKarlsruhe, SV Ludwigshafen and SV Mettlach and other tours too, South America, Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires, and Honolulu (Hawaii) and in 1983 the World Cup in Germany, Austria, Yugoslavia and Greece. We are sure that the next years to come will find our League striving to provide a home for those kickers who just can’t kick the habit. Come and join us, join one of the member clubs and have a good old time!

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